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Our mission is to inspire your individuality by personalizing your stitching accessories.

Our Business

In the beginning...Bridget was always the kid that sat on the curb carrying around pen and pad

sketching while her play mates played sports and other childhood games.

Soon... Bridget and a dear friend(Pam) put their talents together to create baskets 
for the baby basket ministry.

Later... Pam had a passion for cross stitching. She designed charts, attended 
shows, and was involved in local classes. One day Pam asked Bridget to paint a 
sunflower on her "blue" magnet. One thing lead to another and...

What was once a hobby Now has turned into bc creations.

*A note from Bridget: I am so thankful for all the people who have come into my 
life through this business. I would also like to thank all the talented designers and 
teachers who have helped promote and support my endeavor. Through the years I 
have enjoyed being part of your lives by painting your favorites designs and or 
pets :) I look forward to creating more lovely designs for you.

Magnetically yours, bridget  bc

Bridget Leytrick 
Owner/Artist since 1993

Kim Romero

 Artist since 1998

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